About us

Datakvalitet AS was started and developed by researchers Svein Halvorsen and Leif Krane at Fiskeriforskningen in Tromsö in 1994.
They saw a need for a system that could efficiently and easily manage to ensure that the new EU requirements for consumer safety were met
in both the private and public sectors. In dialogue with our customers, our software has been developed and refined for almost 30 years into a modern,
technical, flexible and user-friendly system, where we are at the forefront of technical development.

In 2018, Datakvalitet AS was sold to an owner who has invested further in technical development, competence, new services and expansion to more geographical markets.

Data quality is today represented in Scandinavia with staff with high competence in quality, environment, work environment, project management and technology.

Our offices are located in Tromsö, Norway and Helsingborg, Sweden.

Our software is characterized by being user-friendly, reliable with flexible adaptable modules for management and
quality work within all types of companies and organizations in several languages.

Datakvalitet has both large and small customers in both the private and public sectors.