Reduce the risk of adverse events, achieve good internal control and continuous improvement with the deviation module.

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  • User-friendly and accessible
  • Deviation registration on mobile, PC and tablet.
  • Form adapted to their business and needs.
  • Flexible design and dynamic workflow
  • Automatic and intuitive case processing
  • Excellent reporting capabilities

Easy registrations on several platforms

Registration and follow-up of nonconformities and other adverse events is an important tool for continuous improvement and internal control. Data quality deviation module makes it easy to register deviations from mobile, PC or tablet. The notification form is thus easily accessible no matter where the discrepancy occurs.


Seamless procedure

Good non-conformance management is about finding out what has happened, why it happened, correcting it, and making sure that it does not happen again. The non-conformance module facilitates systematic and seamless non-conformance treatment, which ensures that each non-conformance is properly followed up.


User-friendly and flexible

With a flexible and user-friendly form design, it is easy to adapt a dynamic workflow and procedure to industry- or company-specific wishes, requirements and needs. The module easily facilitates several different types of deviations, by adapting case processing in relation to the type of message.