Get an overview of the organization's risk picture. The risk module makes it easy to identify hazards and implement risk-reducing measures.

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  • User-friendly design
  • Traditional process for risk management
  • Form adapted to the business's needs
  • Adapted for continuous improvement work
  • Works seamlessly with other modules

Developed in collaboration with our customers

The risk management module is designed in close collaboration with our customer portfolio to create an operating system of the best quality on the market. The system is designed for risk mapping, risk management, risk-reducing work and the establishment of action plans. The module follows a traditional process for risk management;

  • Identification of risk areas
  • Risk analysis
  • Establishment of action plans
  • Follow-up


Dynamic workflow

The module facilitates both time-limited risk work and continuous improvement work with fixed audit intervals. Like our other modules, it is possible to link relevant cases or documents to the risk analysis through dynamic references.


Analyze tailored to your business

Risk is a subjective phenomenon. Therefore, work with risk requires a standardized and systematic approach in an organization. The module is a tool for creating a collective understanding of the company's considerations and approaches to risk, with associated acceptance criteria. We offer many different forms and approaches for risk analyzes, such as ROS, HSE and SJA.