With our ISO package, you get a quick start on ISO certification.
We offer a complete documentation package ISO-9001 - which includes all the governance documentation required according to ISO-9001:2015. This includes general procedures, routines, and ready-made action plans.
With our 4 modules -Documents, Deviation, Risk and Audit connects the process and become a nice support together with our expertise in ISO.

Internal audit
Datakvalitet offers support and consulting services at Internal Audit.
We are your internal resource at your company and help out when you don’t have time for the Internal Audit or want an external person to give the companies' management and board a report of how the most important process and routines really works within the company.
We suggest in a report after the internal auditing ways to improve internal governance and controls, so the whole process can create value and satisfied customers for the company.

Introduction of quality management - life cycle assistance
We have solid professional competence in all phases of quality management, and work quickly and efficiently.
Assists in the establishment of the quality system, with routines, reporting system and deviations, regardless of which subject area the solution is to be established within.
Be it laboratory activities, food safety, construction, ESG or any subject area.
We help you to specify the requirements the company is subject to and translate these into routines / actions, control mechanisms and follow-up.
At agreed points in the establishment, we consider the training of key employees and top management,
and contribute with good and effective advice to establish a good information culture from the employees back to the company.

Legal assistance
We have several lawyers ready to assist you with interpretation of legal and regulatory requirements in connection with quality management (TQM).
Can also assist with the establishment of routines and documentation in accordance with the requirements.
We have a separate compliance/compliance module for documentation of the company's requirements.
Whether this is within law and regulation, ESG, ISO standards or other compliance requirements from suppliers and customers.