The revision module optimizes routines for planning, implementation and inspection of internal and external audits.

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  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Wide range of functions
  • Flexible design according to business needs
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Works seamlessly with other modules

Wide range of functions

The module for audits makes it easy for the company to plan, carry out and follow up internal audits, external audits and protection rounds. The module has a wide range of functions and facilitates both major group audits and minor process audits.


User-friendly and flexible

The module has a clear and user-friendly interface, where the revision process is carried out through an intuitive and flexible form flow. Procedure and form layout can be easily adapted to the business's needs.


Seamless connection with other modules

The audit module is linked seamlessly and naturally to the deviation module and governing documents. The results of audits can also be used for risk analyzes. Such connections are maintained very well in the system and create efficiency in the work process.